Why You Should Choose Motor City Charging Systems for Your EV Charging Station Design

Why You Should Choose Motor City Charging Systems for Your EV Charging Station Design

What’s the difference

I’ll tell you the difference. Here at Motor City Charging Systems we take your needs and concerns very seriously. Our electricians are licensed and well trained in the electric vehicle charging arena. We provide extensive training protocol to ensure that each and every electrician has the proper training to get the job done. Not only are they certified, they have the insight and ingenuity that is required to do an exceptional job.

Our products and safety go hand in hand. To ensure the highest quality of safety our electricians and technicians meet a vigorous quality training that far exceeds any other in the business, this is our guarantee. upon coming to your home or business our staff is well maintained and we follow all protocol to keep our customers safe. From our attire to the working platform we provide, you will see a well-trained, respectful individual. We will treat every person and job as if we were doing it for ourselves. We travel extensively to meet our customers’ needs. No job to big nor to small, give us a call.

From start to finish you can be assured that the best technician had been chosen for the job. Here is the process.

· Step 1 the site visit. One of our professional technicians will come out and do a thorough assessment

· Step 2 needs assessment. What are your needs and what is the best charging set up

· Step 3 paperwork. All of the paperwork is handled by our team. Whatever your municipality requires we will provide

· Step 4 read – set- charge. The insulation is complete.

No need to worry, we have done this before and that’s we are equipped to handle all possible situations.

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