Level 3 Chargers

Level 3 Chargers

DC Fast Charging—Public Charging

DC fast charging is the fastest currently available recharging method. It can typically add 50 to 90 miles in 30 minutes, depending on the station’s power capacity and the make of EV. Tesla’s Superchargers are even faster, adding up to 170 miles of range in a half hour. DC fast chargers are most useful for longer trips, cars in use most of the day (like taxis), and drivers who have limited access to home recharging.

DC fast chargers use three different plug types and are not interchangeable. Japanese automakers typically use the CHAdeMO standard; most European and US makers use the CCS system. Tesla’s Supercharging stations use a proprietary connector specific to their vehicles.

Electric cars are beginning to show up more often. With this in mind it is important to have access to a variety of chargers that can handle the large inflex of electric vehicles. Whether it be an American made electric vehicle or foreign, rest assured we have all of your charging needs covered.

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